From Sean O’Neil (Via NASCOE News Facebook page)

1911120_10202263495402333_823821694_oHere is some trivia from farm bill history courtesy of PECD. The 2008 Farm Bill was enacted in May 2008. In August 2008, FSA published a notice in the Federal register advising field offices that we were going to conduct 2008 DCP (not ACRE yet) signup the same way as we had done in 2007, with some changes. In December 2008, we published the new rule for the 2009 DCP and ACRE program. Soon thereafter, we published the payment limitation and AGI rules. In July 2009, we issued the LIP rules and on September 11, 2009, we issued the LFP and ELAP rules. SURE rules (which covered SURE back to 2008) were published in December 2009; technical amendments and stimulus were added; and TAP rules were published in May 2010.

Why the history lesson? To remind us that all of us in FSA will do this and hopefully do it right as fast as we can – but, let us be mindful that this time, in some ways, we have a somewhat more complicated Title 1 of the farm bill to replace DCP and some new disaster programs that will now be permanent and could really help some folks who have been in need of this assistance since expiration of the previous disaster programs on September 30, 2011. There are dynamics (buy up) to NAP. Most importantly, there are a whole lot less of us (FSA’rs) to do it all with. I agree with most in FSA that we can do it – but this will take time. It always does and always will.