IMG_2544Did you just get a notification from TASCOE on your phone that looks like this?

No? Well, then you have not downloaded our TASCOE app.

It’s FREE!

For apple, go to the apple app store and search for TASCOE.

For Android phones, go to Google Play and search for TASCOE.

It looks like this:













When you download the TASCOE App, it will ask you if you want to receive notifications.
Tell it YES!
Each time a new post is published on the TASCOE Website, you will be notified immediately!
How cool is that?!


When you open the TASCOE app,
it looks like this:






NOW……. here’s a few fun tips:


TASCOE is also Mobil-friendly. What does that mean? Well, actually, it had to be mobil-friendly before our app could be created.

Even though we have an app that sends out notifications to you, here’s a cool tip:

IMG_2547 (1)Go to your phone browser
(apple uses safari).


Open Safari and type in
This is what will come up:








The menu at the top in blue will provide access to the website’s pages in the mobil-friendly format.




But check this out…

Scroll down…. until you see “View Full Site” and click on it.

Monosnap 2016-02-20 11-31-14











The entire website is at your fingertips with all the fun bells and whistles of the pc version.(check it out and see for yourself). Even in Full Site mode, it’s mobil-cool!!


You may ask, why so many versions of a website.


TASCOE (as well as NASCOE) realizes its members are highly diversified. Communication options vary drastically due to personal preferences. We are aiming to please.

We are committed to being user friendly in as wide of a variety as possible. Social media and new technology has opened up many new avenues. We hope to provide access in the format that works best for you. We do ask that you work with us as we move further into the technical world. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is a website. 🙂

If you prefer to receive update notifications via email, we’ve got you covered there also.
At the BOTTOM of our website pages you will find the option to “subscribe” to our News Updates via Email (see screenshot below). We also send out tweets on twitter. If you are on Facebook and would like to join our private group, please contact us at

TASCOE | Tennessee Association of Farm Service Agency County Office Employees 2016-02-20 12-52-18