Wes Daniels, NASCOE President

Wes Daniels,
NASCOE President

Big Wins for FSA and NASCOE!!

Legislative Report 2015 Budget

Following the nearly year-long 2015 budget process, NASCOE leadership is pleased to report that U.S. Congress has passed the omnibus appropriations measure. With the President’s signature, this legislation is now public law and allows FSA to operate without significant county office closures or employee reductions. NASCOE fully supports the new law’s FSA funding levels and related general provisions. Most importantly, the agreement adequately funds salaries and expenses which makes it possible for our membership to continue servicing production agriculture.

Fiscal Year 2015 budget highlights include:

  •  Provides 60.8 M above the President’s budget for FSA Salaries and Expenses (S&E).
  •  Provides $22 M above the 2014 funding level for FSA S&E.
  • Prohibits unlimited funding transfers from the FSA S&E account.
  • Prohibits county office closures and directs the Department to conduct workload assessments.
  • Prohibits directed reassignment of staff without Congressional notification.
  • Provides funding for COC Meetings.

    NASCOE commends members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for considering our organization’s specific requests and completing this year’s budget. We will continue to work with FSA leadership to address FSA’s structural and program implementation challenges. In addition, we remain supportive of efforts to advance investment technology/software development activities so our offices meet the demands of FSA’s customers.

    Thank you to the full NASCOE membership for identifying our challenges and helping make this year’s budget process become one of our most successful legislative accomplishments.