PACHow would you like the chance to win a $13,000 prize package for your state’s association? We are rolling out a NASCOE PAC promotional event that will begin Monday, July 28 and will continue through August 16. The purpose of this promotion is to allow each state to focus on recruiting new PAC enrollees and/or encourage current enrollees to increase their pay period contributions to NASCOE’s PAC.
Understanding that we have members that may not have been informed on the importance of NASCOE’s PAC and how NASCOE uses the PAC as an essential tool to carry out our legislative efforts, we are using this promotion period to encourage state presidents, legislative chairpersons, state directors, and other members to talk to others who are not currently participating in NASCOE’s PAC. We need your help at the state level to make sure every member knows and understands why PAC participation is vital to the success of our legislative efforts in Washington D.C.
To make this promotional effort exciting and competitive, we are offering a “friendly competition” as an incentive for helping NASCOE recruit new members and increased contributions from those current contributors who can afford to give a little more. The details of this competition are attached, along with a flyer that you can use to send out in emails (remember, please never send anything PAC related from your government computer or email address). 
In addition, we have attached some recruitment resource tools you can use to assist with talking points and other facts about the NASCOE PAC.
Lastly, I have attached a NASCOE PAC Enrollment Form (this form is also used for those who wish to increase their pay period contributions). Please make sure that you get the name, office phone number, cell phone number, both office and home email addresses, and signatures included on the enrollment forms.Once I receive the enrollment forms,  I will gladly contact new enrollees, or current enrollees who want to increase their contributions, and assist them in completing their financial allotment process. The priority is to get the  basic contact information and signature acknowledging intent to contribute. 
If anyone needs more information about this promotion effort or NASCOE’s PAC, please feel free to contact Donny Green by email at, or by cell phone at 615-464-7176. 
Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair

Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair

We sincerely appreciate your time and effort in getting the word out about this PAC Promotional Event! So, be ready to hit the ground running first thing Monday morning and put your state association in the running to win some awesome prizes! 

Thank you!
Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chairperson/PAC Coordinator

NASCOE PAC Promotion

NASCOE PAC Promotion Details and Rules

NASCOE PAC DONOR Information Form