NASCOE is hard at work in Texas today at the annual pre-negotiation meeting.

The negotiations process is one of the most important benefits of NASCOE.

NASCOE will be taking your concerns to management this spring.


NASCOE At Work for you…

Below are a few examples of NASCOE’s legislative accomplishments in recent years. NASCOE is constantly working to ensure that members’ concerns are addressed and that the dues paid by our members are used responsibly and effectively.

  • Secured Significant Funding Above the Budget Request for FSA Salaries & Expenses
  • Blocked Implementation of CBS Office Restructure/Closing Plan
  • Secured Funding for Monthly COC Meetings
  • Stopped the Transfer of Salaries & Expenses Toward IT Initiatives
  • Worked to Maintain Employee Benefits Regarding FERS Annuity Calculation and Retirement Contributions
  • Prohibited Unjustified Direct Reassignments of Staff