Image 2Below is a question that we received from a Southeast Area state today along with the answer obtained by NASCOE:

Q: Do we know if NFC is working and will we get our partial pay check
that would be due on Monday or Tuesday?

A: Under Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance issued in
1980 (below), employees will receive this paycheck. Although the
payroll for the last pay period before the lapse will be processed
potentially during a period of furlough, the minimum number of
payroll staff necessary for this process will be excepted from
furlough for the minimum time required to issue the checks,
including checks for the last pay period before the lapse. This
guidance can be found in OMB’s August 28, 1980, Bulletin No. 80-
14, Shutdown of Agency Operations Upon Failure by the
Congress to Enact Appropriations, paragraph 3.b.(1) (Appropriations
and funds). OMB has reviewed and concurs in this answer.

So in essence, the answer is that NFC is supposed to call in enough folks to process payroll to pay us for the 6 day in last FY.

Donny Green