Due to the sensitivity of many of our news items, TASCOE has officially upgraded to “Registered Only” Access for most of our website. TASCOE was created to watch out for and protect its members best interest. Providing privacy to delicate subjects that affect our livelihood is just another benefit of this agency.

We are excited to be able to offer vital info to not only TASCOE members, but TASCOE retirees, TN FSA staff and fellow NASCOE members across the nation.

Access level for this website is determined by your membership (or your connection with) TASCOE.

The process is rather seamless.

  • Locate the “TASCOE Log In” in the top menu.
  • Fill out the Registration Form.
    • This gives us your contact info as well as how you are connected to TASCOE.
    • Allows you to choose/enter your User ID and Password.
  • Once you submit the Registration Form,
    • you will automatically receive an 2 emails.
      1. email from TASCOE, asking you to confirm subscription to a mail chimp Mailing list.
        1. This mail chimp mailing list will be used to notify members of important updates in the near future.
        2. Click on the “Yes, subscribe me to this list.
      2. email from WordPress, confirming your registration is complete
        1. and includes your user ID and Password.
        2. That email will have a Unique Link just for you.
        3. Click on the Unique Link.
        4. This takes you to the log on webpage.
          1. Type in your username & Password and click “log in”.
          2. Once you hit “log in” you will see “Account is pending”.
          3. Once we determine your connection with TASCOE, your account will be approved for the access level you are eligible for.
  • Once we determine your access level:
    • You will receive a confirmation email from WordPress, that the TASCOE Webmaster has updated your access level and you can now log on to the website via the link providing in the email.
    • Please keep your username and password.
      • Should you have problems, you can reset your password in the dropdown menu of the login screen.
      • If you still have problems, feel free to contact us at tascoetn@gmail.com