Jazzin up NASCOE_FotorI, Denise Bradberry, PT at Knox/Anderson/Campbell Co. FSA, was truly honored to receive Tennessee’s first “SEA Rally First Timer’s Award” to attend an area rally. With receiving that award came the responsibility to come back to Tennessee TASCOE and share about the experience. I have MUCH to share indeed and I’ve been chomping at the bits to do just that!

The Rally was held in New Orleans, LA. Who can’t get excited about such a lively place?! LAPOE and MACOE did a mighty fine job hosting the rally.

Ok, Let’s back up a bit. I’m so excited, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I talked my son, Kris into going with me on this trip. Since he lives 350 miles from me, it was an ideal time to catch up and visit. I laughed and said he was going to be my body guard in N’orleans.

Here is the SEA 2015 Rally Program.

Wednesday morning we stood in line to board our plane at the Nashville Airport, along with all the other passengers headed to New Orleans. I looked over and found an orange NASCOE T-shirt standing right next to me. “Hey! Looks like we’re going to the same rally!” I said. Come to find out, there were four more, all from Kentucky, heading to the rally.

Once we arrived in New Orleans and got checked into the Marriott, we had an opportunity to venture out into the city.

We really enjoyed the extra time on Wednesday to enjoy roaming on our own. Plenty of tasty restaurants in a city steeped with history and its own style.

Thursday morning we boarded the bus to take us to the Swamp & Bayou Tour. Oh that was really awesome!

Some went on the French Quarter Walking Tour, but we sorta did that on our own on Wednesday. Those who did go on it returned with fascinating stories of how they enjoyed it.


Thursday afternoon we boarded another bus for the Katrina Tour. It’s been ten years since that horrible hurricane and the tragedies that followed. So much has been rebuilt, yet so much is still left to do. It was a heartbreaking tour to see some of the devastating sights. It is common for businesses to mark (permanently paint) where the water reached on their buildings. The rescue markings are still on many houses. So many houses were built on a concrete slab and when the water gushed in, it swept away entire houses. Others have been torn down. Everywhere there are bare, concrete slabs, where a house used to be. We also got to see the Brad Pitt Houses in the lower 9th Ward. 150 houses helping to rebuild the lower 9th.


Meet you in the Alley

Fulton AlleyThursday evening the SEA Rally got off on a great start when we all gathered at the Fulton Alley Boutique Bowling Alley. This was a most unique “Meet & Greet” in a very relaxed atmosphere. Plenty of food, drinks and friends. When we registered we had to option to purchase the Rally T-shirt. It was so fun seeing so many of the shirts at the alley!Fulton Street













Friday morning it was time to get down to business.


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Friday evening was filled with a delightful list of activities. The Silent Auction was ongoing throughout the Rally and the Live Auction was a thrill after a tasty dinner. Oh! and least I not forget to mention, Dillard’s The Price Is Right! Game! I was called up to participate in that game. I learned right quick not to listen to Donny Green. Hahaha!

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Saturday Morning Business issues too center stage once again.



Lunch at the Riverwalk outlet mall and then it was back to biz once again.

IMG_0046 20150417_114452









Saturday afternoon and evening was spent just enjoying a bit of down time with Kris, as well as others at the rally that were doing the same thing. It had been a wonderful rally and we all seem to be enjoying some relaxation before heading home. Some flew out Saturday, but we flew out Sunday, savoring our trip to New Orleans just one more day.

I cannot begin to express my appreciation toward LAPOE & MACOE for pulling off a such a amazing, fun-filled and informative rally for the south eastern states.



So, what’s up next? Well, we’ll let Deb Esselman tell you:

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