OPM.GOV: Federal Government OPEN. Applies to: October 17, 2013

OPM.GOV: Federal Government OPEN. Applies to: October 17, 2013

From Operations of Personnel Management (opm.gov)

Open. Employees are expected to return for work on their next regularly scheduled work day (Thursday, October 17th for most employees), absent other instructions from their employing agencies.


“Due to the enactment of a continuing resolution, Federal government operations are open. Employees are expected to return for work on their next regularly scheduled work day (Thursday, October 17th for most employees), absent other instructions from their employing agencies.  Agencies are strongly encouraged to use all available workplace flexibilities to ensure a smooth transition back to work for employees (e.g. telework, work schedule flexibilities, and excused absence for hardship situations).

(Posted on October 17, 2013 at 12:30 AM)”  – opm.gov

News Media, Day 16: Appears We May Be Getting Close

News Media, Day 16: Appears We May Be Getting Close

From the New York Times: Senate passes Bill…

From FOX News: “There’s a lot of work ahead of us, including our need to earn back the trust of the American people that’s been lost over the last few weeks.” –President Obama said moments after the Senate passed a bill to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. More…

8:06pm. Bill passes the Senate. On to the House…

From NBC Washington News: When will Workers go back to work? Read more… (Keep in mind this link is NEWS MEDIA)

From Politico: The bill is expected to clear the House but the level of support from Republicans remains an open question. House Republicans have clung to the so-called Hastert Rule, a mantra that the House speaker should not try to pass a bill that doesn’t have the support of the “majority of the majority.” In this case, that would mean 117 Republicans must support the bill to avoid getting crosswise with the rule. Top GOP sources say it’s unlikely they will reach that level of support. Read and watch more…


From WATE News: HERE’S THE DEAL: The House and Senate will vote tonight on a compromise proposal that would fund the government until Jan. 15 and extend the debt limit until Feb. 7. Here’s what’s in the compromise: Video and more….

From govexec.com:

Back Pay for Furloughed Feds Is in Senate Deal to Reopen Government


So C-SPAN just said that the Senate will likely vote on bill around 6 pm and the House would probably vote around 10-11 pm if the speaker lets it go to the floor. Nobody get their drawers in a wad. We don’t go back to work till we are told to go back to work. At this point that has not been stated by our powers that be. stay tuned…..


From WRCB News:

Noted investor Warren Buffett says It would be “asinine” if the U.S. defaults, referring to the budget impasse in Washington. Will we see a deal today? Read More….

From Politico:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will soon announce an agreement to reopen the government and avert default on U.S. debt, according to several sources familiar with the talks. Read More…

From FOX News:

Breaking News: Senate negotiators have reached a tentative deal to raise the debt ceiling ahead of Thursday’s deadline and end the partial government shutdown, a Senate aide confirms. Read More…


Message from Juan Garcia, FSA Administrator, on 10/15/2013:

Message from Juan Garcia, FSA Administrator, on 10/15/2013:

Message from Juan Garcia, FSA Administrator, on 10/15/2013:

Subject: Shutdown update


I only have a few items to report today.

All FSA employees were paid timely except one and we are working on resolving this issue.

The USDA website is partially up with some information for employees under the “Be Prepared” icon.

Employees should not access WEB TA. We are waiting on further guidance on how this pay period will be handled.

We all hope that this issue will be resolved soon. As soon as we are back I plan to hold a meeting with the staff here in DC to discuss priority issues that need to be addressed and hold conference calls with SEDs as soon as possible the day we return to provide more guidance.

I will provide more pertinent updates as soon as I receive them.

Thank you


News Media, Day 15

News Media, Day 15

From the Washington Post:

Back-Pay Bill Hits a Snag in Senate

From FOX: Exclusive Video: Vet Protesters Remove Barricades at DC Memorials

From CNN:

House GOP to offer own shutdown plan, with Obamacare changes

From WATE News:

Shutdown deal in sight? Reid, McConnell optimistic

From WRCB News of Chattanooga:

Nearly 400 TN Labor Department workers furloughed

Senate GOP eyes proposed deal as outlines emerge

The New American Center: Why our nation isn’t as divided as we think

Lawmakers hope to reopen Smokies by the end of the week

From Politico:

Industry presses W.H. for broad deal

What Barack Obama, Republicans get with a deal

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama flirts with impeachment

From WBIR News:

Lawmakers hope to reopen Smokies by the end of the week

According to WBIR Facebook post:

AP: Sen. Bob Corker says a plan could be finalized later today to reopen the government through Jan. 15 and raise the government’s borrowing limit at least until mid-February.
The plan comes out of discussions between Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and GOP leader Mitch McConnell.

Paycheck in the bank yet? No?

Paycheck in the bank yet? No?

From Brent Orr of Virginia:

For all my furloughed friends….remember, if your pay is normally deposited in your bank on Monday, today is the Columbus Day holiday bank holiday.…..so your money won’t show up till Tuesday. The EPP page has PP 19 L&E statements posted. Check those out.

National Finance Center

Employee Personal Page

From NASCOE NEWS:   PAYCHECKS: Due to Columbus Day Holiday today, your paycheck may not be posted to your accounts until Tuesday. If you do NOT get your check by Noon on Tuesday, please contact your NASCOE Area Exec or Mark VanHoose, President, or Wes Daniels, Vice President.

TSP and Gov. Shutdown

TSP and Gov. Shutdown

According to the TSP News & Announcements:

Government Shutdown — (October 1, 2013) The TSP will continue its normal daily operations during the Federal Government shutdown.

Read the TSP fact sheet Impact of a Government Shutdown on the Thrift Savings PlanPDF document to get answers to questions about the shutdown’s impact on TSP contributions, loans, and withdrawals.

The fact sheet also emphasizes that your agency should not send a Form TSP-41, Notification to TSP of Nonpay Status, to the TSP during a Federal Government shutdown. A shutdown is a rare occurrence and is typically of short duration. The Form TSP-41is intended for participants who are being placed on extended leave without pay, e.g., due to illness, military furlough, maternity leave, etc.


Some financial markets will be closed on Monday, October 14th in observance of the Columbus Day holiday.  The Thrift Savings Plan will also be closed.  Transactions that would have been processed Monday night (October 14th) will be processed Tuesday night (October 15th), at Tuesday’s closing share prices.

News Media. Shutdown Day 14

News Media. Shutdown Day 14

Farm Bill Updates:

House Committee on Agriculture:

“The work of the Agriculture Committee, including reauthorizing the Farm Bill, affects every American; ensuring that our farmers and ranchers have the tools they need to produce an abundant and affordable food and fiber supply is as important to our country as national defense.”– Chairman Frank D. Lucas  Read More…

From AgWeb: House Names Its Farm Bill Conferees

From FarmProgress: House Farm Bill Conference Committee Announced

Capital Gridlock  ~  Country in Crisis

From Knox News:  Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee says he hopes Democrats and Republicans are “getting on the same page” and can find an agreement before Thursday’s default deadline. Read More…

From Politico: Joe Manchin Jokes “No Suicide Watch”.

Our paychecks.

Our paychecks.

Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair

Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair


Our pay for pay period 19 should be deposited in your bank account today ,Saturday Oct 12, 2013. It should be approximately 60% of what you normally receive. Please get this out to our membership and let me know if you hear of anyone that doesn’t get paid. I will forward problem cases on to Wes Daniels, NASCOE VP, and we will try to help get this resolved.Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair