tascoe.calendarPleased to share that the TASCOE website now has a calendar of events. This little widget can be found in the column on your right. I’m excited about the addition of this tool because deadlines and schedules are a challenge (for me and I’m sure I’m not the only one) to keep up with.

Even though this is an awesome tool, it does not come without flaws. (Bummer). You may find that it does not show the name of the month (Bummer). Rest assured it always defaults to the current month. Scrolling to upcoming months is easy, but the month name is shown only on the list, week and day views. (WHY WordPress elected to leave the month name out is beyond me, sorry). With that explained, it is still a great tool that I look forward to working with and hope you find helpful. Below is photo of the calendar (real calendar is to your right) with a few notes.

Also, (while home nursing this fever from a bug) I’ve reorganized the categories of the website (see upper left side) so maybe it won’t be so confusing and easier to use. Thanks for all the patience as this website continues to mature.


Denise Bradberry