NASCOE has collaborated with NAFEC, & NADD to request a
Waiver of late filing fee for reporting grazing and forages.
See letter below:

Juan and Mike,

In reading the Q&A’s that were issued last week on shutdown issues, the one on the acreage reporting date pertaining to grass for grazing or forage has a significant impact on offices now especially due to the shutdown. November 15th will be upon us very soon. We lost basically 3 weeks of work due to it. We are in the process of issuing CRP and then the direct payments will follow them. Issuing these payments will not be without problems. We will have AGI problems that will have to be addressed and other situations that will take time to correct especially given the recent reductions in staffing due to the VERA and now the VSIP.

After talking to our board which consists of DD’s all across the nation, we unanimously support the waiving of the late file fees for reporting grass for grazing and forage that was mentioned as a possibility in the Q&A’s.

The next question to answer I suppose would be “For what period of time should the fees be waived?” We would like to recommend that if at all possible, the fees be waived through Feb. 15, 2014 (90 days).

I have contacted Mark VanHoose, NASCOE President, and they along with NAFEC both support the waiver of the late filing fee through Feb. 15, 2014.

Here is a thought that was brought up during the discussion of the DD’s. We thought that making the 2015 reporting software available around May 1 might be a possible way to help county offices with the task of getting the grass and hay reported by Nov. 15 in the future. We can take a certification of a producer’s 2015 grass for grazing and/or forage while they are in reporting their 2014 spring seeded crops. This was just a thought I threw out to the DD’s. NASCOE and NAFEC are not endorsing this. We also did not know if this would be taken care of when we eventually do crop reporting in MIDAS or not.

Everyone appreciates what you all do to help our Agency.

Thanks for all you do.

Billy Swiney, Jr.
District Director
U S Department of Agriculture
Missouri Farm Service Agency