IMG_4769With the new Farm Bill now in place and implementation begins, we are approaching yet another phase of the agricultural journey. Sometimes at moments like this, it is a good idea to take a step back and look at the entire picture. It helps with our perspective on things.

Farmers and the American Farm are the key link to our food source. They are one of the most valuable assets this nation possesses. Making sure this precious link thrives is a priority that should not be taken lightly. Thus, the reason for the existence of Farm Service Agency. When things go wrong, (low market, disaster, etc.) FSA is the catalyst “We the People” use to assist and preserve this treasured American forte.

Because of what we do, Farm Service Agency is especially vital to this nation. So, while we are looking out for the Farmers amidst all the government red tape, who’s looking out for us? Well, NASCOE is doing just that. From benefits to current issues, NASCOE is the impetus there, in place, on the spot, looking out for the staffing of Farm Service Agency. Nothing could have proved this more than the frightening furlough we just experienced last fall. The ONLY pipeline of info and news coming out of Washington D.C. came through NASCOE.

And speaking of Washington D.C., the legislative system of our great nation has its own manner of handling things. We can either get in the loop, or holler from a far. This is where PAC comes in. Political Action Committees are an integral part of the legislative process. Issues important to NASCOE members (FSA staffing), such as office closures, staffing, technology, benefits, and workload, are frequently debated in the legislative process. Yes, it is a Special Interest Group. NASCOE PAC is OUR Special Interest Group. When we all shut down our computers and went home last fall, NASCOE PAC was in place and on it, fighting on our behalf, and sending info and updates out to us swiftly.

And here is the really cool part, while working on our behalf, NASCOE still keeps an ear to the ground and a voice of reason concerning our beloved producers. Is that not invigorating to realize? As we go into the phase of implementing the new Farm Bill, grass root common farm sense is vital. Here is where manure-clad boots meet the ink pen.

Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair

Donny Green, SEA Legislative Chair

So, if you ever wonder who’s got your back, rest assured, while we are here for the farmers, NASCOE & NASCOE PAC are here for us. If you are not a member of NASCOE or not contributing to PAC, I urge you to consider it. Without them, we are left out in the cold.

Our NASCOE Legislative Committee and Area Legislative Chairs (especially our very own Donny Green) works diligently on our behalf and THANKS for a super job are in order!